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Whether indoors or outdoors or in specialized lighting situations, chances are there is a Uvex lens tint to meet your workplace needs. All Uvex styles are available with an assortment of standard lens tints—clear and sunglass shades—and many are offered with specialized lens tints designed for task-specific lighting situations. These Spectrum Control Technology® (SCT) lens tints incorporate unique dyes in the polycarbonate lens material that absorb select wavelengths of light to enhance vision. The materials below are designed to help you determine which lens tints best address the challenges in your workplace.

Uvex Lens Technology Brochure

Uvex Lens Technology Reference Guide

Impact protection, while certainly a vital requirement, is not the sole function of protective eyewear. Different work environments warrant different lens tints that can enhance visual perception and relieve eye strain. The use of appropriate tints can greatly reduce eye injuries on the job and result in improved worker productivity. From technical specifications to applications, this Lens Technology Guide provides detailed information about each Uvex lens tint. The charts below offer lens tint details and product offerings in a consolidated format to help you quickly and easily find the information you need.
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*Comparative lens life test performed using a Bayer Abrasion Test method and may vary between environment and application.